About The CAA

The Columbia Apartment Association was founded in 1994 to combat a growing problem of over-regulation by the City and County. Together, we provide legislative insight on local, state and national levels. We serve approximately 80 members with over 3,000 units, which consist of apartment property owners, developers, managers and member communities. Also included are almost 30 suppliers who provide products and services to our industry.

Together, our members contribute millions of dollars to the state’s economy through taxes, fees, construction and purchases from advertising to utilities.

The Columbia Apartment Association is dedicated to the belief that by organizing and building a strong local association that supports a strong state and national association, we can strengthen the chain of communication and awareness. Only through organizations that help carry the banner of free enterprise; that inform and educate their members in the game of professional operations; that link together owners, managers, and service companies that are dependent on the future of a stabilized apartment industry, can we hope to retain a favorable climate for profitable business operation.


The CAA Mission

  1. To protect against harmful legislation to multi-family owners through effective political representation.
  2. To unite local rental housing owners and managers with suppliers who service the rental housing industry.
  3. To promote the enactment of local, state and national legislation beneficial to the rental housing industry and free enterprise.
  4. To promote high professional standards and sound business methods.
  5. To provide programs and seminars for the benefit of all members.
  6. To function cooperatively with other local associations, the MAA and NAA safeguard the interest of the rental housing industry.