NAA's Click & Lease (Formerly known as NAA Blue Moon Lease)

Missouri (NAA) Forms Online is designed to let you quickly fill out all of the official Missouri Lease Forms, and it runs entirely in your Web browser, eliminating the need to install or update any software on your system!

Time-saving features, such as the ability to pre-fill default lease information and calculate many lease items for you automatically, make filling out forms a breeze. Missouri (NAA) Forms Online also gives you the added flexibility to generate leases from virtually any system with a high-speed Internet connection.

Lease With Confidence

It can be a constant challenge to create and manage compliant, up-to-date leasing documents. NAA Click & Lease offers current and customizable forms to simplify the process and reduce risk. Join the Click & Lease network and enjoy the many benefits that membership brings.

NAA's Click & Lease Features

Integrates with all PMS Software

Multi-user platform that integrates with your current property management software.

Online & Paperless

Web-based software streamless processes and ensures organization for users.

Administrative Profile Settings

Settings allow for forms compliance oversight on a local, regional or national level.

Built-in Mathematical Calculations

Calculations for charges and rent amounts assure efficiency and simplicity.

Customizable Databases

Set up a lease database that holds information for each community in your portfolio.

Simple Online Rental Application

Collects relevant future resident data and optimizes the application process for prospective residents.